The Dean & Margaret Lesher Foundation enhances the quality of life in Contra Costa County through charitable giving to support education, the arts, and children & families.


Since 1994, the Dean & Margaret Lesher Foundation has awarded grants totaling more than $21 million and reaching citizens in all parts of Contra Costa County. True to the original wishes of Dean and Margaret Lesher, the Foundation continues to build on the strengths of the community by supporting organizations and programs that provide help and support to people in need; enhance and enrich the lives of all citizens; and promote a healthy and exciting future for the community.

Established in 1989, the Foundation received its principal assets from Dean Lesher's estate in 1993 and 1995. In 1997, an additional endowment from Dean Lesher's estate followed the death of Margaret Lesher. A significant and final bequest from Mr. Lesher's estate was recently received in 2003.


As a family foundation, support for the Contra Costa community will be carried on by the next generation of family members. Grant-making decisions are based on the vision of Dean and Margaret Lesher who felt quality education, diverse art programs, and healthy children and families are the building blocks of a strong and vibrant community. The Leshers defined the "spirit of giving" as "investing in the community and its people." By providing financial support and direction in these critical areas, the Dean & Margaret Lesher Foundation is investing every day, every week and every year in the health and well-being of this county that Dean and Margaret so loved.


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